Our Story

Figman Unlimited is a collaborative effort between two friends and co-workers that decided there must be a better way than working the same day to day back busting job. To get out of the same old grind we decided we wanted to start our own company…a T-shirt company. 

And Fig was born

That’s the point when we started thinking up different ideas about what to do and how to do it. We started drawing different designs on whatever we had in front of us. After a while we decided on a picture of a stick man and we started to draw a ton of different ones. We wanted to see what they would look like and what we could make them do. We came up with several ideas but knew that we wanted an idea that had a positive effect on people….

More Brainstorming

What is the message we wanted to send to the people who were going to support and follow us? Well the whole “never give up” thing is a bit overused but does ring true. After quite a bit of thinking we realized that if you “stick with it” you can “figure it out“.

We understand that we are a small fish in a huge ocean but we do hope to be able to grow and expand our product and design lines. We will be featuring our “figman” in different situations and also incorporating fun new innovative ideas for our t-shirts. Our vision includes everything from hoodies and scarves to keep you warm to board shorts and beach towels to enjoy a day of sun. We’re excited about our new inspirations and future endeavors and hope you will be too.

So always remember that if you “
stick” with it you will “figure” it out.